Corporeal Individualism versus Intercorporeality: Whose Body Matters in Healthcare



主講人:Dr. Devaleena Das (Associate Professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at University
of Minnesota, Duluth)



The coronavirus pandemic has exemplified that no matter how much we try to socially hierarchize and segregate our bodies from other human and non-human bodies, if one body suffers, all bodies in the environment become possible vectors of transmission and vulnerability. This inherent practice of corporeal hierarchy that spills over time and again, exposes plethora of corporeal injustices, health disparities, and biopolitics in the transnational medical healthcare systems. How do we address and rectify this flawed epistemology of bodily hierarchies and social deceits that reinforce paternalistic regimes in healthcare systems? Feminist New Materialist (FNM) and Indigenous analytical interjections are helpful to understand that the body is more than an individual unit. This talk, based on feminist and queer literature of BIPoC communities, invites the audience to engage into a feminist new materialist and Indigenous metaphysical understanding of the body to collectively strive toward corporeal justice that will enable us to see bodies belonging to larger communities—ecological, planetary, and social. In the process, this will enhance the critical consciousness of health care professionals by encouraging them to listen and learn the lived experiences of marginalized bodies and deconstruct the power dynamics between healthcare providers and patients.